Thursday, 6 September 2012

Legionnaire 4 Life

Be a - LEGIONNAIRE - (Never give up "Hope" and always have a "Lion Heart") ........ My name is Augustus Caesar. I know a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure; so I aspire to make music that's like a painting of my fingerprint in the form of sound waves to help give you motivation to never give up in what you believe in. To all the Legionnaires out there. We Come One

Augustus Caesar - F40 (Official Video)

They ignore you now, but they'll need you later

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Acoustic Track (The One)

Had a really good session with new sound engineer "Chris Edkins" on Friday this week; working on an acoustic track called (The One) which is gonna be recorded and filmed live. Cant wait!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where is the New music and Music videos?

      Just thought I would be real to everyone supporting my music and also just thought I'd be real to myself as well, by writing this. Firstly; thanks to everyone supporting my music at such early stages, because as artist's we don't really get shit when starting out and without you we are nothing.
      I know many of you have been waiting for me to put out some new music for a little while now, especially those who have been with me from the start. To keep it real I'm still waiting for the music videos for the songs Hope and F40 to be finished. They were shot last year and are in production with LK Media and Im waiting to see them just as much as anyone else waiting to see them. The Drunken Style music video is being re-shot as I was not happy with how it looked and turned out due to a number of factors; but the good thing is last weekend we done 3 scenes already and its looking really good and also its being shot by Oxygen Time Bomb who filmed the "Wild night in honey club promo" video which looked sick.
      With regards to the "Lion Heart E.P" I admit I wanted to get new music out there in January as a lot of people were getting at me as they wanted to hear the new shit I was cooking in the studio. However, it just would have sounded way too rushed and not finished and would most likely have disappointed a lot of people. So I decided to slow it down and get it sounding right for everyone. Basically as good as I can possibly get it to sound. I want so badly for you all to hear this new shit, but its gotta sound right; it will take a bit longer and I will keep you posted on the progress we are making on it. And for sure, it will be well worth waiting for.
      Also Im working on the Hope E.P which will include the tracks Drunken Style, Hope and F40. The Hope E.P will definitely be FREE to download.  My ambition will never change and its to create music to inspire people to never give up hope in life and to be strong and hustle hard no matter what kinds of struggles life may bring.

My interpretation of being a "Legionnaire" is: A person who never gives up "Hope" and has a "Lion Heart"

Legionnaire 4 Life 

Augustus Caesar

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lion Heart E.P - Front Cover

Gonna be FREE to download January 2012

Track list:

1. Enter the Kingdom
2. Into the night
3. Lion Heart
4. Walk
5. Vengeance

Drunken Style - (Full Song)

Lyrics to my song - F40 - Its basically 40 bars of rap


Augustus caesar causes emcees venomous seizures
Please to meet you as lyrics erupt through demonous geezers
Of the squezza laid back like the tower of pizza
Truth spoken scripts broken poetic prophet has been here
Seen fear injected through a needle that's what he swears
Cops make ya shake scared when ya hold ya toast
Priests acting fake don't even know the holy ghost
Have more lies than most people die ya know they lost
Preaching of white Jesus putting holes in your souls
Controlling systems got ya high on hallucinogenics
You should ask your bubble gum rappers how loose is your gimmick
He freeze cryogenic anyone who copies or who try to mimic
Damn it/ bin the disc might even burn it
Put it in the toilet won't flush then he'll boil it
Cause fat cats killing rap need a diet before they die fat
Nigga I,m just wysiwyg what you see is what you get

I'm about to take off, sucker, you're hallucinating
You're a window licker, nigga that's how you be hating
Usain Bolt, da beat is lightning striking
Warrior of the rhymes nigga raw like a fucking viking

I'm about to take off sucker, you're hallucinating
You're a window licker, nigga that's how you be hating
Usain Bolt, da beat is lightning striking
Warrior of the rhymes nigga raw like a fucking viking

Proud caesar reincarnated  crowd pleaser
About to freeze ya with cold lyrics that will tease ya
About to see ya love it don't catch a seizure
Zimbabwean nigga suckers confuse it for Rhodesia
Homo-sapiens propaganda dropped like diarrhea 
Legion of serpents the system is racist wants us to die of fear
Catholic priests pedophiliacs people will react
In name of Jesus words like feces this negro spill the facts
Government leaches bleed me dry lets see who killed the black
They raped Africa she bled non stop hemophiliac
What I said about the preachers be true what's a nigga to do
Play a didgeridoo project poet words into a mean kung fu
Hit like de-ja vu spit raps with altitude mount kilimanjaro
Megalomaniacs they be scared they say kill him tomorrow
I'm not a human being a machine with an armored head on
40 bars nigga make more noise than Armageddon 

Last day shooting "Hope" music video

Photo taken by Kevin Otiem from LK Media

Need 4 hands to play this guitar

Michael Angelo Batio

Guitar Hero The Game vs The Real Thing; Whats Better?