Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where is the New music and Music videos?

      Just thought I would be real to everyone supporting my music and also just thought I'd be real to myself as well, by writing this. Firstly; thanks to everyone supporting my music at such early stages, because as artist's we don't really get shit when starting out and without you we are nothing.
      I know many of you have been waiting for me to put out some new music for a little while now, especially those who have been with me from the start. To keep it real I'm still waiting for the music videos for the songs Hope and F40 to be finished. They were shot last year and are in production with LK Media and Im waiting to see them just as much as anyone else waiting to see them. The Drunken Style music video is being re-shot as I was not happy with how it looked and turned out due to a number of factors; but the good thing is last weekend we done 3 scenes already and its looking really good and also its being shot by Oxygen Time Bomb who filmed the "Wild night in honey club promo" video which looked sick.
      With regards to the "Lion Heart E.P" I admit I wanted to get new music out there in January as a lot of people were getting at me as they wanted to hear the new shit I was cooking in the studio. However, it just would have sounded way too rushed and not finished and would most likely have disappointed a lot of people. So I decided to slow it down and get it sounding right for everyone. Basically as good as I can possibly get it to sound. I want so badly for you all to hear this new shit, but its gotta sound right; it will take a bit longer and I will keep you posted on the progress we are making on it. And for sure, it will be well worth waiting for.
      Also Im working on the Hope E.P which will include the tracks Drunken Style, Hope and F40. The Hope E.P will definitely be FREE to download.  My ambition will never change and its to create music to inspire people to never give up hope in life and to be strong and hustle hard no matter what kinds of struggles life may bring.

My interpretation of being a "Legionnaire" is: A person who never gives up "Hope" and has a "Lion Heart"

Legionnaire 4 Life 

Augustus Caesar